How important is choosing the photographer? As a professional photographer, specialized in wedding photography, I would say a lot because he will be the person who will contain your best memories. I was born as a reportage photographer, therefore in the field of photographic art, he is the one who goes to dangerous areas, at war, and takes photographs of people, without pause: a photo in which he captures an expression, a grimace, a characteristic, a moment. As a wedding photographer, he is the one who follows you from the preparation, when you are at home, and you wear a beautiful and simple wedding dress, and you are ready to do your makeup or drawing. He is near you, photographing the spouses and guests until the end of the ceremony.

Questo è in sostanza il lavoro che ho svolto per il matrimonio di Vale e Rufus.


Paolo Munari Mandelli


Vale e Rufus


Modena, Italia


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