About Me

Paolo “Photographer for love and passion, addicted traveller and lover of good poetry.”

The first thing I want to tell you is that I love travelling and I can’t stop doing it. The world is too beautiful not to discover it and live it. I always have my trusty Leica around my neck. The fundamental thing, however, that you need to know is that photography is not just a job, but represents an essential element in my life. I can’t live without it. So, if I have the pleasure of working with you, know that if you hire me, you can be sure that you will find a very passionate and professional person and photographer.

I take my job with the utmost seriousness and passion, and I always try to take care of my clients. Regardless of whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, I do everything to complete the job in an entirely professional manner and with the highest levels of photographic and human quality.

Have I intrigued you? Would you like to know more?

All right. As I said before, I was born in Bologna, and my zodiac sign is Cancer. I’m a fan of Inter Fc. My favourite films are Hook, the trilogy of Back to the future, Goonies. I grew up watching Japanese cartoons and reading Japanese manga. What can I say more about me? I have travelled to many countries and have dealt with many different cultures, and allowed me to expand my knowledge of the English language, and grow as a person.

These are some countries that I have visited and lived for some time like Greece, America, Turkey, India, Australia, Spain, France, Japan and of course, Italy. Where I currently live and work and I write a blog where I talk about photography, strange right, and I write poetry (actually I try to do it).

If I have intrigued you and you want to talk to me, you can write to me directly on my contact page, or call me at the number: +39 346 6047271.